Air cast, Adams PlasticsIn any industry, it’s important to consider the bottom line. For healthcare providers, this means keeping a patient’s health and safety first priority, while finding innovative solutions to increase quality and manage spending. That’s where PVC film and imitation leather come in.

Vinyl Film Material for Healthcare 

Vinyl film products can help medical professionals provide quality care, while protecting the health of patients. This includes packaging and medical disposables to contribute to reducing infections and maintaining a sterile environment in medical offices. Some examples of PVC film products for use outside of the body in the healthcare industry include:

  • Urine bags
  • Hot/cold therapy bags
  • Air casts
  • Surgical drainage bags
  • Pressure mattresses

In addition, vinyl fabric, also known as imitation leather, like the material used on exam tables, doctor’s stools and medical alert bags, can be customized for specific medical needs.

Let Adams Plastics make you and your patients more at ease with our customizable and cost-efficient solutions for medical practices. As healthcare continues to evolve, our PVC company has the experience and knowhow to evolve with it. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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